Architectural, Landscape, & permanent holiday lighting

An outdoor home lighting system with fully customizable and color-changing capabilities.



limitless options.

One system, and one installation, gives you architectural lighting for everyday use, permanent Christmas lights, Halloween, patriotic holidays, game day… and on and on.

As a professional outdoor lighting company, we aim to provide more than just holiday lighting. Make any light any color, or use our preset patterns, or leave some lights off all together.

home with accent christmas lighting on architecture


Never hang Christmas lights again! Our permanent Christmas lights are installed in a color-matching aluminum track and tucked away under the roof line, so your long-lasting holiday and architectural lighting system is unnoticeable until you turn your lights on.

home with accent lighting on architecture


Our exterior LED lights provide fully customizable beauty to any architectural lighting accent, from warm white to the brightest colors, but are simultaneously energy-efficient, durable, and as high-tech as you need them to be. Use them every night for your home and business.

landscape lighting


Equipped with brilliant color-changing LED bulbs and smart home controls, these modern landscape lighting systems can make every feature of your property look its very best.

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From our products to the app you use to control them, we offer only the best.

Track & Light System from gemstone lights

Our LED lights, from Gemstone Lights, are installed in a color-matched, powder-coated aluminum track. This track is attached under the soffit and behind the facia of your eaves. As a result, the wiring is hidden. Unlike our competitors, this closed track keeps wiring from being exposed to bugs and other unwanted critters and keeps maintenance easy. Since the color of the track matches the soffits, you only notice the lights when you want them noticed!


Gemstone Lights’ highly efficient, long-life RGB-WW LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours of use. Count on them to last a long time! However, if a light does need to be changed, we replace them easily by unscrewing the waterproof connectors and popping it out of the track housing.

Each LED lamp in our system has a 4th node dedicated to creating a true, 2800 Kelvin warm white. The Gemstone Lights LEDs are one of the only products in the permanent holiday lighting space that offers true warm white. Create any color, change the brightness, and create custom patterns, on any individual light or as a group.

Control with your phone

Control the system through the proprietary Gemstone Lights HUB smartphone app, available on Android and IOS. Use the app to select colors, turn on individual lights, and create patterns and animations. Then, set those patterns to a nightly schedule. With nightly accent lighting, your home will look great every night of the year!

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Your happiness and satisfaction are important to us! Your home is our best marketing tool and your recommendations are our most important ad campaign, so we’ll do all we can to make sure you love your lighting system.

We provide a 3 year, complete warranty, and all parts are covered for 5 years by Gemstone Lights, but the lights are rated for 50,000 hours so it will likely be a while before you need to see us again.

square roofline with lights
fourth of july lights in red white and blue
home with soft white lights
home with colorful lights in pink blue and yellow


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