Architectural, Landscape, and Permanent Holiday Lighting.

Fully Customizable and Color-changing Capabilities.
One System, One Installation, Many Years of Limitless Options!

Never Hang Christmas Lights Again!

You don’t notice them…until you want them to be noticed.

Installed in a color-matching aluminum track, and tucked away under the roofline, your permanent holiday and architectural lighting system is inconspicuous . . .Until you want it seen, and then it shines bright!

But not just Christmas lights . . . One system, one installation, many looks

Versatility and simplicity.

Make any light any color, or use our preset patterns, or leave some lights off all together. All of the pictures you see on this site are from the same lighting system; it does it all! One system, and one installation, gives you architectural lighting for everyday use, and Christmas lights, and Halloween, Independence Day, and your game day . . . and on and on.

Architectural Lighting for Home and Business

Adaptable, and beautiful.

Our exterior LED lights provide fully-customizable beauty to any architectural lighting accent, from warm white to the brightest colors, but are simultaneously energy-efficient, durable, and as high-tech as you need them to be. Use them every night.

Customer Satisfaction is Paramount

Happy clients are the key to our business.

Your home is our best marketing tool and your recommendations are our most important ad campaign. We provide a 3 year, complete warranty, but our lights are rated for 50,000 hours, so it could be awhile before you need to see us again.

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