If there’s any part of preparing for Christmas that people might dread, it’s picking out and hanging exterior Christmas lights. The lights often become tangled and are tedious to manipulate. As a result, they pose some of the largest challenges you’ll experience all season long. But, by picking wisely, you might be able to eliminate these struggles for good. Use these three tips for choosing the right outdoor Christmas lights to navigate the upcoming holidays with ease.

Find Models With a Diverse Color Range

As you shop for new Christmas lights, one of the first things you should look for are products with a wide range of color options. While red and green are traditional, decorating can involve embracing your creativity and trying something new. So buy lights that have several colors rather than just one. By doing this, you give yourself more options to experiment with each year. Certain hues may even stand out better against your home than others. As such, having the ability to change these colors can ensure your house looks the best on the block.

Look for Lower Energy Consumption

It’s also vital to check how much energy certain lighting fixtures consume before purchasing them. Running your outdoor lights all season long can cost you hundreds of extra dollars by the time you take them down. As such, it’s preferable to find lighting that uses minimal energy. LED lightbulbs are the best options, as they’re energy efficient and require less electricity to run. They also produce less heat.

Pick Lights You Don’t Need To Uninstall

Another vital tip for choosing the right outdoor Christmas lights is to consider models that you can have permanently installed. Since putting them up and taking them down are some of the most tedious parts of decorating, why not look for fixtures that eliminate this need entirely? Permanent Christmas lights are growing in popularity in residential neighborhoods. With their customizable colors and patterns, you can keep them up year-round and never need to worry about them again.

If you need quality lighting for the holidays or another reason, reach out to Astoria Lighting Co. Our premium LED lighting from Gemstone Lights is easy to install. Furthermore, its color, pattern, and brightness are fully customizable. You’ll never need to reinstall them, and you’ll have the power to decorate your home with a few taps of your smartphone.