When you want to light up the exterior of your home, not just any type of lighting will do the trick. Recessed into the soffit beneath your home’s roofline, exterior soffit fixtures are one of the most popular ways to provide sufficient illumination while maintaining a level of security. But, this isn’t all there is to them. In fact, there are plenty additional benefits of outdoor LED soffit lights to consider before you make your purchase. Here are some noteworthy advantages to using them on your home.

Energy Efficiency

LED lightbulbs are energy efficient by nature. Requiring fewer volts to light up and generating less heat while in use, lower quantities of energy go to waste when you run them. As such, these products can save you hundreds of dollars every month on your electric bill. Because of this, using fixtures that support these bulbs is very popular among homeowners wanting to highlight their property’s unique layout and design.

Durability and Resistance

LED soffit lights are also incredibly durable and resistant to a series of environmental hazards. Whether it be rain, sun, or wind, their air-tight outer casings can block them all. This ensures that your lighting not only performs optimally, but also that you won’t need to undergo expensive maintenance to keep them functioning. This is especially the case if you choose a sturdy metal for your roof’s soffit area.

Conserves Space

Their compact design during installation is another key benefit of outdoor LED soffit lights. Since these fixtures fit snugly into your roof’s soffit, and sit flush against the underside of your awning, they take up minimal patio or deck space. For this reason, they make a great addition to smaller outdoor amenities.

Customizable Illumination

Modern LED soffit lighting arrangements even provide you with the ability to control their brightness and pattern settings. With a few taps of your smartphone, you can determine exactly how you want your property to look and show off to your neighbors. This saves you the need to climb up to the roof and adjust them yourself, making it easier to avoid household injuries.

Superior Lifespan

Above all, outdoor soffit lighting has one of the longest lifespans of any exterior illumination fixtures. As mentioned previously, these products have advanced levels of protection from the elements and have tight casings to ensure that mild water exposure isn’t an issue. These traits preserve your lighting and keep them operating effectively for up to several years.

There’s no point to purchasing lighting fixtures for the exterior of your home if you aren’t going to get the best. At Astoria Lighting Co., we sell only the highest quality exterior soffit lighting fixtures from Gemstone Lights. Compatible with both LED bulbs and your smartphone, these products offer all the listed benefits and more for your home.