Outdoor lighting can help create a welcoming atmosphere and act as an additional security measure against potential intruders. At night, lighting your home’s exterior can serve as a way to show off its beauty and provide some peace of mind for you and your family. Here are different ways to illuminate your home year round.

Solar-Powered Lights

Solar-powered lights are great for illuminating your home’s exterior throughout the year. Installing solar lights is relatively straightforward and is doable with minimal effort or resources. Solar lights use natural sunlight to power themselves. This means they don’t require an external source of electricity, such as plugging into the mains or installing wiring. These lights are also ideal for areas where traditional lighting options may not be available due to a lack of access to electrical outlets or safety issues associated with running wires outside. Additionally, solar lights are highly energy efficient and cost effective compared to other outdoor lighting solutions.

Outdoor String Lights

String lights are another option becoming increasingly popular for illuminating outdoor spaces. They come ready to use and only require a connection to an external power source, such as a wall outlet or extension cord. One of the main advantages of installing string lights outside is the versatility they provide when it comes to lighting design. String lights can hang from trees, pergolas, and other structures within your yard, allowing you to create custom lighting layouts that perfectly match your home’s exterior aesthetic. They’re perfect for creating ambiance during evening gatherings or extra illumination around pathways leading up to your house at nighttime.

Soffit Lights

And, of course, we can’t forget about soffit lighting. These lights provide ambient lighting to your home’s exterior while adding a layer of security. They generally come in two parts: the power source and the light fixture. The power source requires connection to an external outlet or wiring installation depending on its type, such as hardwired, plug-in, etc. You should place the soffit lighting fixtures around your roofline’s perimeter where there’s enough access for easy maintenance and replacement in case you need it. Many models have adjustable brightness settings that allow you to control how bright (or dim) you want your house’s exterior to look at nighttime. They’re perfect if you’re looking for subtle yet effective illumination.

Now that you know how to illuminate your home’s exterior all year round, you can determine which options are best. Check out Astoria Lighting Co.’s high-quality selection of outdoor LED soffit lighting to elevate and illuminate your home.