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Insects can be frustrating pests for homeowners to deal with, especially during the warmer months of the year. LED exterior lighting systems are incredibly effective solutions to outdoor insect problems. Light attracts insects, so you might be wondering how permanent exterior lights are good for pest control. We’ll explain why below.

They Don’t Emit UV Light

The ultraviolet light emitted by traditional lighting sources like incandescent bulbs can attract bugs and other pests. This is because the UV radiation from these lights makes them ideal breeding grounds for various types of critters. On the other hand, LED exterior lights do not emit any UV radiation, so they do not attract insects in this way. And when you install permanent exterior LED lighting systems around your property, you have an effective way to keep the bugs under control all year long.

They Produce Little Heat

Permanent exterior LED lights have several other pest-control properties. One advantage is that they generate little to no heat compared to traditional light sources like halogen and incandescent bulbs, which emit intense levels of heat that can be highly attractive to bugs and other pests. Because insects are cold-blooded, they are typically more active in warmer temperatures, and lights that produce a lot of heat will literally draw moths like a flame. This makes permanent exterior LED lights the ideal choice for keeping away annoying pests while providing ample naturally diffused light around your home all year.

They Offer Alternative Colors

Another way LED lights can deter insects is through their alternative color options. LED bulbs don’t just provide bright lighting outside and make it easier to see in the dark; they also come in various colors that are less attractive to insects than traditional white incandescent, fluorescent, and mercury vapor lamps. Insects are most attracted to white and bluish lights, as their eyes can easily detect these shades. However, bugs are less likely to pick up on yellow, orange, and pink hues. Therefore, it’s a great idea to install yellow-toned LED bulbs for your permanent exterior lighting system.

Now that you know how permanent LED exterior lights help deter insects, you can install them around your home today. Before you know it, you will be able to enjoy sitting outside without having to worry about swatting away pesky bugs. Check out Astoria Lighting Co. for all of your outdoor lighting needs, including permanent Christmas lights.