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As the holiday season approaches, homeowners should start thinking about decorations. One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is by adorning your home with Christmas lights. How do you choose an eye-catching and harmonious color palette that reflects your style? We will guide you through four of the best Christmas light color palette ideas to make your home the talk of the town this festive season!

Red and Green

The traditional red and green color palette is a quintessential Christmas duo that never goes out of style. These colors represent the festive season and are deeply ingrained in the holiday psyche. The contrast between the vibrant red and the calming green captures the core ideas of Christmas—warmth, joy, and harmony. You can intertwine red and green lights along your home’s roofline or drape them over trees and shrubs.

White and Red

The white and red color palette is another traditional pairing that exudes a festive spirit. These colors are reminiscent of candy canes and interlace the brilliance of white with the vibrancy of red to create an enchanting holiday spectacle. The crisp white lights symbolize the serene beauty of a winter wonderland, while the red lights add a pop of excitement, echoing the joy of the season. Create a festive pathway by lining your driveway or walkways with red lights, and complement them with white lights adorning the trees and bushes on your property.

Blue and White

The Blue and White color palette is a stunning wintery choice that encapsulates the snowy season. This pairing is not as common as others, but it’s equally unique. The blue lights evoke the crisp, cold beauty of a winter night sky, while the pristine white lights mimic the softness of freshly fallen snow. Together, they create a tranquil and refreshing display. Consider draping white lights over your trees and shrubs to simulate a snow-kissed look, and outline your home with blue lights to give it a cool, icy façade.


A more modern take on the Christmas lights color palette is the vibrant rainbow palette. This choice reflects a fun, youthful spirit and is perfect for people who love to celebrate the end-of-year holidays in a unique and playful way. The rainbow palette is all about embracing creativity, allowing you to incorporate many colors into your Christmas lights display. It creates a visual spectacle that captures the attention and imagination of passersby. You can use color-changing lights that create a dynamic and lively display.

Now that you have some popular color palette ideas for your Christmas lights, you can select an option that resonates with your festive spirit and aesthetic preferences. If you want to take your Christmas décor to the next level, contact Astoria Lighting to install permanent Christmas lights today! We can help you create the ideal lighting design for your home.