As the winter winds whisper through the eaves and the holiday season approaches, the desire to transform your home into a year-round beacon of festive cheer becomes irresistible. Permanent Christmas lights promise to turn every evening into a dazzling celebration, but the twinkling charm comes with a price tag. Join us as we unravel the brilliance of budgeting for permanent Christmas lights, with Astoria Lighting Co. as your guiding star.

  • The Three Pillars of Cost

The cost of permanent Christmas lights comprises three main elements: the lights themselves, the housing (our high-quality powder-coated aluminum track), and the skilled technician’s installation fee. It’s all measured per linear foot. As the linear footage increases, so does the total cost. On average, our installations range from $2,500 to $5,500, with rates varying from $20 to $28 per linear foot.

  • The Intricacies of Measurement

When it comes to permanent Christmas lights, square footage merely hints at the grandeur of the display. The challenge lies in the diverse architecture of homes — each with its unique roofline, porches, peaks, and other features. While two houses may share the same square footage, the linear feet required for permanent Christmas lights can vastly differ. This is where our expertise shines. We offer free measurements, ensuring a tailored approach to your home’s unique characteristics. From tracking depth to soffit color matching, our meticulous planning ensures a perfect fit.

  • The Twists and Turns of Unforeseen Costs

During installation, unforeseen challenges may arise. Specialized track requirements, the need for a boom lift to reach challenging rooflines or other unexpected expenses can add a touch of complexity. While additional charges are not the norm, our commitment to excellence means we go the extra mile to overcome any obstacle, ensuring your permanent Christmas lights illuminate your home with the utmost brilliance.

  • Factors That Affect Value

Comparing the cost of permanent holiday lighting systems goes beyond the initial investment. Astoria Lighting Co. stands out with key differentiators that directly impact the value of our product:

  1. Lifetime of the LEDs: Our system boasts a stellar 50K hour rating, outshining competitors like Jellyfish.
  1. Number of LEDs per Light: With 3 RGBW LEDs per light, our displays shine brighter with 23 lumens per bulb, surpassing competitors like Trimlight.
  2. Warranty: Astoria Lighting Co. provides a solid 5-year manufacturer warranty, a testament to our product’s longevity and reliability.
  3. True Warm White: For that perfect ambient glow, our LEDs offer a genuine warm white diode, setting us apart from Trimlight, Jellyfish, and Everlight.
  4. Safety Certifications: Our lights are UL-listed and ETL/CSA certified, ensuring peace of mind for warranties and insurance.
  • One-Time Investment for Years of Joy

Think of our permanent holiday lighting system as a one-time investment that keeps on giving. With minimal additional costs over the years, it not only adds a touch of luxury to your home every night but also enhances security and saves time and money during the holiday season. Unlike short-lived alternatives, our product is built to last, making it a brilliant, long-term investment.

Shine Bright Year-Round with Astoria Lighting Co.!

At Astoria Lighting Co., we’re not just installing lights; we’re giving you an experience—a bright journey that turns your home into a year-round celebration. As you dive into the world of permanent Christmas lights, let Astoria Lighting Co. guide you. We’re here to make sure your investment shines not only in lights but in every way. Light up your nights, impress your neighbors, and keep the festive glow going strong!