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We cover a wide variety of exterior lighting needs, including our two most popular offerings—our Permanent Holiday Lighting track and light system from Gemstone Lights, and our LED Landscape Lighting, both color-changing and traditional warm-white. Our professional teams take care of design, installation and setup.

home with accent christmas lighting on architecture

Permanent Christmas Lights


Our permanent holiday and architectural lighting system from Gemstone Lights provides fully customizable downlighting for your home, giving you endless options with the push of a button on your smartphone! You can change between traditional warm-white Christmas lighting one night, to red and green the next, or whatever combination you like. Use the lights for Halloween, Valentines Day, game day, and entertaining. And then, turn on lights to highlight the architecture of your home for nightly use! We proudly supply and install Gemstone Lights exterior soffit lighting fixtures, making it apparent upfront that you’re getting a quality setup every time. We also provide reliable customer service and can help you troubleshoot any issues with your system with our client hub.



kichler lighting on trees and yard

Landscape Light Installation


From the vivid colors of your garden to the lush grass you painstakingly maintain, your home’s yard is one of the best exterior assets your property has. So why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Fortunately, Astoria Lighting Co can help you do just that with our stock of premium LED landscape lighting systems. Made by Dauer, these fixtures provide you with fully customizable and integrated lighting that you never need to reinstall. Equipped with brilliant color-changing LED bulbs and smart home controls, these modern landscape lighting systems can make every feature of your property look its very best. LEDs are also highly energy efficient, helping you save money even while they’re running. We also provide reliable customer service and can help you troubleshoot any issues with your system with our client hub.





My husband and I had a great experience with Astoria. We had a few quotes from other companies but in the end, we found the technician that came out was professional, friendly and hygienic. They are flawless! They look fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work and for providing us with great customer service!

— Amanda H.



Installation on our bungalow took all day but I had little involvement during installation, they are not noticed or look out of place during daytime. The minor amount they cover the soffits won’t affect airflow. App/module is very responsive. [Electric usage] about equivalent to a normal 60w incandescent light bulb so I’m happy. I’ve wanted these for years and they do not disappoint and no more putting up lights.


— Kyle t.



We just had the gemstone lights installed on our house and they are amazing. The number of combinations of patterns for the lights is crazy. Wes did an awesome job installing the lights and his workmanship is top notch.

— Mike S.



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