Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting optimizes the beauty and functionality of your business’s outdoor space throughout the year. Astoria Lighting Co can illuminate landscapes, create a warm ambiance with string lights, and install permanent holiday lighting to reduce annual costs and add festive cheer for ALL holidays.


Thoughtful commercial lighting installation can reinforce your business’s brand identity with a distinct visual design. Stand out from competitors and attract customers with stunning outdoor lighting.

Commercial landscape lighting is a powerful and cost-effective way to create a visually captivating environment. Highlight the unique features of your property, accentuate architectural elements, and create a memorable impression on visitors and customers. Add depth, dimension, and style to outdoor spaces by strategically illuminating walkways, gardens, trees, and hardscaping with commercial landscape lighting. Whether your building is a hotel, restaurant, office space, or retail store, we can create a captivating view.

String lights or cafe lights are popular for infusing the environment with elegant or easy-going charm. We can professionally place string lights to create intimate outdoor dining experiences at restaurants and cafes. Commercial outdoor string lights can also benefit retail stores and commercial establishments. Highlight storefronts or outdoor displays with attractive, eye-catching lights.

During the holiday season, festive decor promotes joy–and spending!–in customers, and boosts morale in employees. Let us install a lighting system in the winter design style you love. Commercial permanent Christmas lights that are installed outdoors are impressive and versatile. They are installed discretely and in color-matching protective housing–they don’t look like Christmas lights, until they’re turned on! Beautiful colors and special effects evoke wonder and excitement. Display warm white, cool white, multicolored, or monochromatic lights to reinforce your brand and style and celebrate the season. Animate those colors for eye-catching displays! Use them for all holidays, special community events, or for nightly accent lighting around your building. 

Our various lighting options beautify your space and make it safer. Well-lit pathways, entrances, and perimeters help people navigate safely and deter crime. Commercial lighting installation from Astoria Lighting Co ensures you get the best quality lighting set-up for your business. We use durable lights that withstand the elements and have a long service life. Our designs maximize the possibilities of your space to meet your priorities and aesthetic preference. Contact us today for stunning commercial outdoor lighting.

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Astoria Lighting Co. is an expert resource for exterior lighting solutions for commercial and business applications. Stop paying to hang Christmas lights every year, increase the visibility and appeal of your business location, and improve the customer experience by adding affordable commercial lighting. Free consultations are available.

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Our professional designers offer free landscape lighting consultations and designs in the following locations:

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My husband and I had a great experience with Astoria. We had a few quotes from other companies but in the end, we found the technician that came out was professional, friendly and hygienic. They are flawless! They look fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work and for providing us with great customer service!

— Amanda H.



Installation on our bungalow took all day but I had little involvement during installation, they are not noticed or look out of place during daytime. The minor amount they cover the soffits won’t affect airflow. App/module is very responsive. [Electric usage] about equivalent to a normal 60w incandescent light bulb so I’m happy. I’ve wanted these for years and they do not disappoint and no more putting up lights.


— Kyle t.



We just had the gemstone lights installed on our house and they are amazing. The number of combinations of patterns for the lights is crazy. Wes did an awesome job installing the lights and his workmanship is top notch.

— Mike S.



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