Outdoor LED Soffit Lighting

When you want to highlight a porch, a pergola, or any other type of outdoor entertainment space, Astoria Lighting Co’s outdoor LED soffit lighting systems are for you. Fully integrated and customizable to suit your unique color and pattern preferences, these LED bulbs emphasize all your home’s key features in the exact way you need. Best of all, you can control them with a tap of your finger! We proudly supply and install these exterior soffit lighting fixtures from Gemstone Lights, making it apparent upfront that you’re getting a quality setup every time. We also provide reliable customer service and can help you troubleshoot any issues with your system with our client hub. These innovative outdoor LED soffit lighting systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including accent lighting for backyard spaces, porches, pergolas, screen rooms, and more! Contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Important Features of Permanent Christmas Light Systems

When selecting a permanent holiday lighting system, there are several crucial points to consider. The track system, which houses the LEDs, must have:

  • A closed track: Don’t use an open track that exposes wiring to bugs and critters. This will be a maintenance nightmare!
  • Be color-matched: You can match the underside of your roofline or the trim board, if they are different, or even match to a trim color on windows. Our track actually adds to the appeal of your home with straight lines, sharp corners and matching colors.
  • Match the fascia depth: Some fascias are uneven, but that is fine as long as the LED’s are evenly exposed below the roofline for a consistent look at night when the lights are on. 

>The LEDs themselves vary across manufacturers. Make sure yours offer these features:

  • True Warm White: To provide a true warm white, the diode needs to have a dedicated warm white node. This is visible on the LED itself–you can see a little yellow part on the diode. Our LEDs have this true warm white node and offer a 2800 kelvin warm white.
  • Brightness: Some permanent holiday lighting companies use a product that has only one diode. This means that their LED is incapable of producing the brightness you need for accent lighting and bright holiday lighting. Our LEDs have 3 diodes and produce 3 times the lumens per LED than these cheaper products. But if you want to dim your lights, we can do that too, using the app!
  • Individual control: True individual control means you can pick one light out and turn just that light to any color you want. You can save that pattern and use it to highlight the peaks, columns and corners of your home every night on a timer. Our product offers this feature but our competitors do not.
  • Color options: Our LEDs are RGB-WW, meaning you can mix warm white in with the standard RGB colors, for a full array of warmths across colors. Other products that don’t offer warm white cannot do that. 
  • Patterns and Programming: We have hundreds of premade programs that you can pick from, or take one of ours and adapt it to what you want, or make one from scratch!

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