Permanent Holiday Lighting Systems FAQ

What Are Permanent Holiday Lighting Systems?

Permanent Holiday Lighting systems are a relatively new type of product that combines the features of long-lasting, energy-efficient, color-changing LEDs with Wi-Fi connected smart home controls through mobile devices. Together, they give you full and customizable control over your home’s holiday, accent, and security lighting needs. It’s a “one-stop” solution. One system, one installation, and many years fantastic features to make your home look awesome.

Astoria Lighting Co proudly installs the Gemstone Lights permanent holiday lighting system. We chose Gemstone Lights because it is simply the best product in the space.

Please read on to learn more about this exciting new product for your home and business!



Authorized Dealer of Gemstone Lights


Our outdoor LED lights are installed in a color-matched, powder-coated aluminum track. We will match the color and style of the track to your structure. This track is attached under the soffit and behind the facia of your eaves. As a result, the wiring is hidden. Since the color of the track matches the soffits, you only notice the lights when you want them noticed!

Three important points to consider when selecting a permanent holiday and architectural lighting system:

  • Closed track: Don’t use an open track that exposes wiring to bugs and critters. This will be a maintenance nightmare! Some other, cheaper providers use an open system.
  • Color-matching: We will color match the track to the underside of your roofline or the fascia. Alternatively, we can match to a complimentary trim color on windows or doors. Our track adds to the appeal of your home with straight lines, sharp corners and matching colors.
  • Depth of the fascia overhang: Some fascia boards are uneven. However, that is fine as long as the LED’s are evenly exposed below the roofline for a consistent look at night when the lights are on. It’s better to have the track and lights slightly more exposed than to obscure some of the lights. The system is still inconspicuous beneath the roofline.


Our highly efficient, long-life RGB-WW LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours of use. Count on them to last a long time! However, if a light does need to be changed, we replace them easily by unscrewing the waterproof connectors and popping it out of the track housing.

Each LED lamp in our system has a 4th node dedicated to creating a true, 2800 Kelvin warm white. Our LEDs, from Gemstone Lights, is one of the only products in the permanent holiday lighting space that offers true warm white. Create any color, change the brightness, and create custom patterns, on any individual light or as a group.

The LEDs themselves vary across manufacturers. Make sure yours offer these features:

  • True Warm White: To provide a true warm white, the diode needs to have a dedicated warm white node. This is visible on the LED itself–you can see a little yellow part on the diode. Our LEDs have this true warm white node and offer a 2800 kelvin warm white.
  • Brightness: Some permanent holiday lighting companies use a product that has only one diode. This means that their LED is incapable of producing the brightness you need for accent lighting and bright holiday lighting. Our LEDs have 3 diodes and produce 3 times the lumens per LED than these cheaper products (up to 23 lumens depending on setting vs 7-8 lumens from some cheaper products). But if you want to dim your lights, you can do that too, using the app!
  • Individual control: True individual control means you can pick one light out and turn just that light to any color you want. You can save that pattern and use it to highlight the peaks, columns and corners of your home every night on a timer. Our product offers this feature but our competitors do not.
  • Color options: Our LEDs are RGB-WW, meaning you can mix warm white in with the standard RGB colors, for a full array of warmths across colors. Other products that don’t offer true warm white cannot do that. 
  • Patterns and Programming: We have hundreds of premade programs that you can pick from, or you can take one of ours and adapt it to what you want, or make one from scratch! The in-house software developers at Gemstone Lights are always adding new patterns and animations! Check them out on their website here.

Smartphone App Controlled

Control the system through a proprietary smartphone App, available on Android and IOS. Use the app to select colors, turn on individual lights, and create patterns and animations. Then, set those patterns to a nightly schedule. With nightly accent lighting, your home will look great every night of the year! Watch a demo.


Our permanent holiday and architectural lighting system from Gemstone Lights is the premium product in this space. We offer brighter LED lights, true warm-white capabilities, a closed track system, individually addressable lights, and many other important features that our competitors do not offer. It is priced according to how much linear feet you want installed on your home, plus a Wi-Fi controller and power supply system, rather than on the square footage of the home, and the length of rooflines can vary dramatically for houses of similar size. Because of this, we have to measure your roofline in order to give you an accurate quote. However, as a guide, we typically run in the $20 to $26 dollar per linear foot range, depending on the time of the year, as we frequently offer pricing promotions during the Spring and Summer months to encourage our customers to get their systems installed outside of the busy fall holiday season. Most of our jobs fall into the $2500 to $4500 range to put lighting where customers would typically hang their Christmas lights. We offer great payment options that allow you to spread out the cost over time, resulting in significant savings versus hanging traditional Christmas lights, installing pot or can lighting, or otherwise improving the look of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Astoria Lighting Co do?

Astoria Lighting Co is your premier dealer and installer of Gemstone Lights—a permanent LED outdoor lighting system with color-changing LED lights for the exteriors of homes and businesses. It is capable of everything from nightly accent lighting that mimics recessed can or pot lighting, to providing different colors and patterns of Christmas lights for every night of the holiday season. With it, you can easily light up your hope to celebrate all occasions, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, patriotic holidays, Halloween, Birthday Parties, and more!

What is the cost per foot?

This outdoor lighting system typically costs ~$20-26 per linear foot installed, plus $250-$450 for controllers and power supplies. Most of our jobs are in the $2500 to $5500 range altogether–sold, installed and warrantied, with all taxes and fees included. The price per foot is primarily based on time of year–we can do more for you on price during the months of February thru August than during the busy holiday season!

Can the lights provide a true warm white?

Yes, as low as 2700K. It is true that other products on the market in the Permanent Christmas Lighting space do not offer a true warm white. The LED must be RGB-WW and have a yellow “diode” to allow for true warm white–which ours do!

Can I make my own patterns?

Yes! The lights are individually addressable which allows you to choose which lights you want on and what color you want them to be, and join them together in different patterns and animations. There are millions of different colors that you can make! We also have hundreds of preset patterns and animations.

Can I make my own accent lighting?

Yes! Each light is individually addressable, meaning you can choose which lights you want on and what color you want them to be (anything from bright white to warm white or any color in the spectrum). For example, you can turn on lights at the top of each peak and over corners and columns, while the rest of the lights stay off, to provide nightly accents for your home. Our competitors do not offer this customizability. 

Can you see the lights from the street?

We install the lights in a color-matched aluminum track, made out of the same material that your gutters are made from. We depth-match the track to the way your soffit is built, so that the lights slightly protrude from the track below the fascia. They are unnoticeable from the street unless you are looking for them.

Can I save timers?

Yes, you can save multiple nightly & weekly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions. You can have them set by hour, or use the Sunrise and Sunset features.

Is the product designed for extreme temperatures?

Yes! Each light and connection has an IP 65 Waterproof rating and can operate at -40° F to 130°+F. All connections and wires are UV rated and will be able to last if ever exposed to long periods of sunlight (which they will not be as they are installed under the roofline). The track is made out of aluminum which is durable and won’t rust or degrade–the same material your gutters are made from.

How long does the system last?

Gemstone Lights LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours. It is a robust, outdoor rated LED lighting system that you can expect to last for years and years! We expect 10-20 years depending on usage–one installation, one investment, and many, many years with all of your lighting needs met!

What is the warranty?

We provide a 3 year, complete warranty, and all parts are covered for 5 years by Gemstone Lights, but the lights are rated for 50,000 hours so it will likely be a while before you need to see us again.

Are the lights UL listed and CSA and ETL approved?

Yes! The lights are ETL certified in the USA and Canada. Most low-voltage lighting companies are under the impression that they do not need proper CSA approvals for lighting if it is low voltage. This is incorrect and as a consumer, you should make sure that the product you are purchasing is indeed approved. You will see our ETL stamp of approval on our products.

How many different colors and patterns can you do?

The lights are RGB-WW and can produce millions of different colors, including different warmths of white. The user can create custom programs and colors, so the possibilities are limitless.

How bright are the lights and how much power do they use?

Our Gemstone Lights are the best and brightest in the permanent holiday lighting space! Each light emits 23 lumens per lamp (light). Each of our lights actually has 3 separate LEDs in each light, and each LED is RGB-WW. Many other products in this space only have one LED and so only provide one third of the brightness, in the 7-8 lumen range. Make sure you aren’t getting a system with 1 LED light for the price of our premium, 3 LED lights!

Can I control the front of my home separately from the back?

Yes, we can connect separate WiFi controllers to different parts of the house, which allows for the ability to only turn on certain sections of lights or to have different patterns on different parts of your home at the same time.

Can I install this myself?

No, Gemstone Lights requires that certified and trained technicians install their system to ensure uniform quality and optimum performance. 

Do I have to upgrade my hardware to get new features?

Firmware updates to the WiFi controller are pushed out as needed. You will have the option to install them when you access the system through the Gemstone Lights HUB app. The app is always being improved and having new features added. These update through your phone’s app store.

Where are the controllers installed?

The controller and any additional power supplies are included in an attractive, weatherproof “Starter Kit” that is installed either indoor or outdoor, depending on location and what is best for you and where the lights are being installed. The controller and power supply are plugged into a regular 120v outlet, typically the one in the garage where your sprinkler system is installed. From there, we run low voltage, 12v wiring through the system.

What maintenance is required?

There is no regular maintenance needed outside of the updates to the firmware and app that Gemstone Lights pushes out.

Are the lights replaceable?

Yes. Each light is an individual unit and attaches to the other lights via weatherproof, threaded caps, so they are easily unscrewed, pulled out, and replaced. 

How long does installation take?

Average-sized installations are done in one day. You only need to be there for the beginning and the end of the installation. We will coordinate with you when we schedule your installation.

Where are the lights installed?

The lights are installed to the outer part of the soffit behind the fascia or trim, facing downward.

How do payments work?

We collect 25% down and then order your materials. The balance is due at installation by check, cash, card, or through our 3rd party financing partner. We make it as easy as possible for your budget!

Where are Gemstone Lights made?

Gemstone Lights was researched, developed and founded in Calgary, Alberta. Almost all of the products installed on your home are built and assembled at Suite #170, 11080 50 St. SE, Calgary, Alberta Canada – T2C 5TY, and some parts come from Asia, such as the LED lights.

How much electricity does the system use?

The lights on full bright white use less than one watt of power. It’s little enough that you won’t notice a difference in your electricity usage.

Are the lights dimmable?

Yes they are! Through the Gemstone Lights HUB app, you can control and dim all the lights or just a section of the lights to get your desired effect.


With the Gemstone Lights HUB App, you can control your lights anywhere using our cloud technology. This means as long as your handheld device has an internet connection, you can be at work or anywhere in the world and turn on and off or change patterns remotely!


The Gemstone Lights Track System does not connect into the rain gutters. Our track is a stand alone from the gutters. We snap the custom aluminum track into the soffit and fascia which is always below the gutters.


​​Every Gemstone Lights installation will have a color-matched track (matching the soffit or fascia color) with the correct depth to create a flush look to the edge of the fascia. Tracks are designed to point the lights downward which gives the best ambience effect. Each track that is installed will overlap the previous track to create a nice flow that blends in with the home/ business.

Most installed tracks will most likely have corners or bend depending on the house or business shape. All corners will have tight clean installs that will continue the flow of the track which in turn displays the lights in a nice symmetrical flow.


Using the depth of the fascia on your home, we will hang it based on that specific depth. This allows us to create a low profile look that blends nicely into your home.

If I unplug power to Gemstone Lights, do I lose saved patterns/timers?

No, the Gemstone Lights controller has a built in battery so all saved programs and timers will not be lost if the controller loses power. That being said, we always recommend keeping the Gemstone Lights controller plugged in at all times unless performing a soft reset or hard reset.

Can I set up a daily timer and calendar event on the same day?

Yes you can, but we recommend not overlapping your daily timer with a calendar event. For example, you can create a calendar event for a holiday and set that to run from 7pm to 11pm. Then you could set a daily timer to come on from 11:01pm to midnight or even to 5am. As long as the timers to not overlap they will work correctly.

Are they HOA approved?

In some cities, most all of the thousands of homes that we install are located within HOAs. Most all of the HOAs that we’ve helped customers apply to have approved the lights. Since the lights are inconspicuous unless they are turned on, there is no reason to deny your request to install them on your home.

Do diodes fade in the sun?

Typically, LED diodes with lenses can become faded or damaged due to constant sun exposure over time. However, Gemstone Lights’ residential lighting has no lens or covering, just the direct LED shows out of the channel, which means Gemstone Lights LEDs will not fade, get cloudy or become discolored over time like many other exterior LEDs. Furthermore, our lights’ residential LEDs face down and below the channel which further protects them from constant sun exposure.

Can I turn them on/off when away from home?

The WiFi controller hooks in to the internet through your home WiFi, allowing you to control the lights through the Gemstone Lights HUB app from anywhere in the world that you have cellular connectivity. Additionally, using the app, you can pre-program your lights to turn on and shut off on specific days and times. This allows you to set up any lighting schedule you want so you don’t have to worry about it while you are away on business or vacation. You can also set your system up to specific dates and patterns for holidays, sporting events or any special occasions months in advance. With Gemstone Lights, you can set it and forget it.

Can I use Gemstone Lights year round?

Absolutely! We have customers using our lights for birthdays, family gatherings, game nights, welcome home, and parties of all kinds.  With our endless color options you can make any event special

How long have you been in business?

Gemstone Lights has been producing their system since 2016. Astoria Lighting Co has been operating since 2017 in our first location in Edmonton. We came to Texas in 2019 and are now the largest dealer of Gemstone Lights in North America. You can read more about us here!

How can I replace parts?

We are happy to come replace any part of the system. If it is faulty, we will replace it for free within the 5 year warranty. The LED bulbs cost around $6 to replace after the warranty. Gemstone Lights can be cut and customized at any point as long as the power is unplugged. The system is very modular as the lights are individual units and not strands or LED strips. If you ever want to add on to your system, it is easy for us to do so!


My husband and I had a great experience with Astoria. We had a few quotes from other companies but in the end, we found the technician that came out was professional, friendly and hygienic. They are flawless! They look fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work and for providing us with great customer service!

— Amanda H.


Installation on our bungalow took all day but I had little involvement during installation, they are not noticed or look out of place during daytime. The minor amount they cover the soffits won’t affect airflow. App/module is very responsive. [Electric usage] about equivalent to a normal 60w incandescent light bulb so I’m happy. I’ve wanted these for years and they do not disappoint and no more putting up lights.


— Kyle t.


We just had the gemstone lights installed on our house and they are amazing. The number of combinations of patterns for the lights is crazy. Wes did an awesome job installing the lights and his workmanship is top notch.

— Mike S.


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