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    The Premier Outdoor Lighting Company in San Antonio, Texas

    When it comes to installing lighting along the outside of your home, permanent holiday and architectural lighting will accomplish all of your goals. Not just any fixtures will do what you need them to. Whether you’re looking to decorate for the holidays or find a year-round landscape lighting solution, the right products can make or break your efforts. That’s why we at Astoria Lighting Co. have set out to be the premier outdoor lighting company in San Antonio, to supply homeowners like you with quality lighting and the best possible setup for any situation.

    Gemstone Lights

    Our team of experienced exterior lighting professionals in San Antonio, Texas, are the leading retailer of premium Gemstone Lights permanent holiday lighting fixtures. Known for their beauty and versatility, these products work with the architecture of your home and yard to highlight all the areas you want. With our proprietary smartphone application, you can even control these lights from the comfort of the indoors or while on vacation, letting you change the colors and patterns of your annual Christmas decorations from wherever you have cell service!

    Landscape Lighting

    As an outdoor lighting company, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. Regardless of the project’s size and scale, we always take the time to ensure that all your needs are met. For a home with high facades or a good canopy of trees and other foliage, you need landscape lighting. Our landscape lighting consultants in San Antonio will walk you through the process of designing, installing, and then controlling your landscape lighting systems to make your home and yard stand out. So don’t hesitate to ask us any additional questions about your new lighting system before, during, and even after installation.

    Each Gemstone soffit and Dauer landscape lighting product accommodates a wide variety of aesthetic needs. From their ability to provide the full spectrum of colors, including warm white, to the long-lasting and durable nature of their LED bulbs, these reliable lights can perform how you want with a few taps of your finger. Best of all, since LEDs are energy efficient, they can even help you save money on your electric bill. Get inspiration for your home’s or business’s exterior LED lighting system design from our gallery page where you can view previous residential and commercial outdoor lighting projects.

    Therefore, don’t settle for just any lighting when you’re looking to transform your home. Let our outdoor lighting company in San Antonio, Texas, work for you to ensure all your needs are met—both currently and in the future. Fill out the information below to request a free quote on lights and kick-start the process of creating a more stunning home. Contact the leader in Permanent Holiday Lighting in San Antonio.