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    Outdoor Lighting Company in Edmonton, Alberta

    Astoria Lighting Co. is the original Gemstone Lights Dealer in Edmonton, Alberta. No one has installed more jobs, is more experienced, or has more happy customers!

    We all want our properties to look their best. Whether it be a residential home or a commercial complex, lighting plays a vital role in how the property appears. As such, it has a large impact on how your home or business is perceived by those walking by. The better lighting you have for your home or business, the easier it’ll be to increase your curb appeal and make your property stand out in your neighborhood. That’s why, as an outdoor lighting company in Edmonton, Alberta, we want to help you accomplish just that.

    At Astoria Lighting Co., we believe that lighting your property shouldn’t be a backbreaking chore. As a proud supplier of premium Gemstone Lights and Kichler products, we aim to provide top-quality service and products that meet your distinct needs. With the help of our landscape lighting contractors in Edmonton, Alberta, our selection of permanent LED outdoor lights ensures that you always have just the type of lighting to stand out.

    Our lighting system comes with a proprietary Smart Home application and home Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to control it with a few taps on your smartphone from wherever you have cell service. In addition to their customizability, these lights are also incredibly efficient. Running on premium LED bulbs and rated for 50K hours, you will get many, many years of use (between 10 and 20, depending on usage) before requiring replacement. The low-energy nature of LEDs can even help you save money on your monthly electric bill—without sacrificing the aesthetic you want.

    Another characteristic that makes our outdoor lighting company in Edmonton, Alberta, stand out from the rest is our dedication to customer service. We make it a point to work with you and consider customer satisfaction paramount to our overall company mission. Regardless of whether you’re looking to set up new lights or simply manage your previously installed exterior LED light system, we’ll be a knowledgeable resource for you to turn to at any time.

    If you’re looking for an outdoor lighting company in Edmonton, Alberta that will work with you to maximize your property’s appearance, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of lighting contractors is always on standby to assist you with whatever you need. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial outdoor lighting specialists in Edmonton, submit any requests for services or questions through our easy-to-use client portal. For all your lighting needs, contact The Original Gemstone Lights Dealer in Edmonton today!