When you frame your property with the right type of lighting, even the more subtle areas of your home burst into focus. Now, your neighborhood can view your home in an entirely unique way. And you have complete control over its look. However, if you want to maximize these fixtures’ effectiveness, you should consider permanent models over temporary setups. Here are five advantages of permanent outdoor lights for your house.

Reduced Costs Over Time

Permanent lighting systems boast reduced overall costs down the line. While they’re often more expensive to install initially, these lights have increased durability and require less maintenance. As such, you won’t need to pay much to keep them running for the next several years. Best of all, you won’t need to hire a team of electricians to take them down at the end of the season.

Extra Home Security

Permanent home lighting also helps provide your house with round-the-clock security measures. One of the largest benefits of residential lighting is that these fixtures can detect motion, activating them suddenly and shedding light on potential threats. In many cases, this can spook possible thieves and send them scurrying in the other direction. Just having these lights can be a deterrent for other lurkers as well.

Non-Intrusive During the Day

Additionally, these lights are barely noticeable during the day. A common homeowner concern for installing lighting is that it’ll damage other elements of the house due to the installation process or negatively affect how the home looks. Fortunately, these fixtures tuck neatly into the soffit areas of your roof overhang. This not only protects them from the elements and improves their longevity, but it also keeps them out of the direct line of sight when they’re off.

Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating

Another noteworthy advantage of permanent outdoor lights for your house is that they make decorating for the holidays much simpler. No longer will you need to scale your home to install Christmas or Halloween bulbs. Instead, you can change your system’s hues with a few taps of your smartphone or a few presses of a controller button. So making your home look festive will be significantly less of a chore.

Increased Home Value

Properly illuminating your home can help increase its curb appeal as well. This feature is one of the most important for building the house’s market value since it increases your home’s attractiveness. The nicer your home looks, the easier it will be to get the attention of prospective buyers. For this reason, permanent lighting is a great way to maximize your return when looking to sell your home.

With the right lighting for your home, anything is possible. That’s why we at Astoria Lighting Co., as an experienced outdoor lighting company, seek to provide only the best in permanent lighting technology. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about our revolutionary LED systems.