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Narrowing down your home’s optimal exterior lighting setup requires you to consider many different details. Each aspect plays a vital role in your overall display, from where you put your fixtures to the colors and patterns you want them to emit. However, if any of these factors stand out above the rest, it’s the amount of brightness you need from each light. Even the best landscape lighting can fall short if it doesn’t have enough lumens. So you should read on to learn the answer to the question, “How many lumens do you need for your exterior lighting?”

What Are Lumens?

Before we can discuss the number of lumens you’ll need, you need to have a solid understanding of what they are. In essence, lumens are units of light measurement that add a descriptive value to the amount of visible light, brightness, and intensity produced. While many use the term “watts” to describe brightness characteristics, this phrase typically refers to the amount of energy a bulb uses. On the other hand, lumens relate to how bright or dim a bulb is. So the higher the number of lumens a bulb has, the brighter it appears to the eye.

General Outdoor Lighting Rules

Generally, different property locations have their own distinct needs for lighting. Because of this, the amount of brightness you require for your outdoor lighting can vary, and the necessary number of lumens can fall anywhere between 50 and 2400.

For minimal background illumination, such as near your garden and walking paths, 50 to 100 lumens are more than enough. However, for entertainment spaces like patios and decks, you might need closer to 500. Garage and security lighting rank even higher at 1300 lumens to sufficiently cover the property. Still, these numbers aren’t exact, and you may require higher or lower lumens depending on your property’s specific arrangement.

Determining How Many You Need

So before you officially decide how many lumens you need for your exterior lights, take some time to consider their function. Asking yourself where you’ll place them and how much illumination is necessary can save you lots of trouble switching out bulbs later. This will also prevent accidents in areas with too much lighting or not enough. It’s often beneficial as well to test out bulbs beforehand so that you know which ones have the lumens you’re looking for.

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