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Getting outdoor lighting is an incredibly versatile way to illuminate certain areas of your property and effectively show off your home. Not only can you arrange fixtures as needed, but you can also change their colors or patterns to suit your circumstances due to modern technological advancements. Thus, understanding what hues you have at your disposal can be the key to creating an effective setup for your home.

Cool white and warm white rest on different sides of the lighting color spectrum. While they might look similar at first glance, they have characteristics that make them appear distinct to the eye. Here, we’ll discuss cool white vs. warm white lighting for your outdoor space.

Understanding Temperature and Lighting Color

When talking about the difference between warm and cool lighting, we must mention color temperature. The color temperature value of a lightbulb uses the unit of kelvin (K). The higher this measurement is, the whiter the light appears to the eye. So there’s a drastic difference between cool white and warm light. Bulbs between 2000K and 4500K emit a soft yellow-white light, while those between 4600K and 6500K radiate a bluer light.

Cool White Outdoor Light

Color can go a long way in impacting the overall atmosphere and mood you want to convey in your home. As mentioned previously, cool white lights have a much higher bulb temperature that gives them their hue. Because of this, bluer lighting fixtures are great options for highlighting accent pieces around your property after dark. The bright blue better mimics the light coming from the moon, making it appear to be the more natural fit.

Warm White Outdoor Light

However, if you’re looking for security lighting to help protect your home, you might want to opt for warm white light. Since this hue doesn’t blend in with the moonlight, it can come as a shock to an onlooker’s eyes. This can work to your benefit by drawing a person’s gaze to a particular area of your yard. It can also startle potential intruders.

If you still find yourself struggling to choose between cool white and warm white lighting for your outdoor space, Astoria Lighting Co. can help. Our exterior soffit lighting fixtures from Gemstone Lights are highly customizable. These lights sit permanently along the soffit of your home and can take on any color you choose. You can even change the hue with your smartphone, making for a quick, simple, and personalized process.