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    The original Permanent Holiday Lighting Provider in Austin!

    Keep Austin Weird—or classy, your choice!—with fully customizable LED Lighting!

    Outdoor lighting is one of the most effective ways to showcase your Austin home’s distinct charm. Permanent Christmas lights, landscape lights, hardscape lightings, soffit lighting, cafe or bistro lights–we do it all, and do it well! With thousands of potential combinations and areas you’d like to put on display, customization is the key to a successful outdoor aesthetic. As such, you need the best quality products possible—from a top-notch outdoor lighting company in Austin, Texas—to make that happen.

    We brought Gemstone Lights, the leading maker of permanent holiday and architectural lighting systems, to Austin in 2019 in our inaugural Fall Home and Garden Show at the Austin Convention Center. Since then, we have been the leader in helping Austin homeowners and business with their holiday and nightly accent lighting needs. We’ve installed many thousands of houses and businesses in Austin since then, with thousands more added every year, and built out teams of landscape lighting contractors, consultants, installers, and support staff to take care of all of our customers, new and old! We have also added traditional landscape lighting systems from Dauer to round out our offerings. Reach out today for a free consultation or to add to your existing system!

    Astoria Lighting Co is a true Austin original. We are a local group of friends and co-workers providing Austin with the best-of-class Permanent Holiday and Architectural lighting system, from Gemstone Lights, and landscape lighting from Kichler. Whether you select our permanent holiday and architectural lighting product to install along your roofline or our traditional landscape lighting products for your yard, or both, the products we install provide the highest quality lighting the industry can offer. Our outdoor lighting company in Austin, Texas will guarantee that your system is properly installed and fully operational for years to come.

    Not only is the installation of these lights seamless but operating them is a breeze as well. Controlled with a proprietary smartphone application, you can monitor and control how your lights look at all times. From switching up the color to adjusting the brightness to setting a timer, you can do it all from the comfort of your couch or while on vacation! Our installation team will teach you how to use all of these features most effectively.

    If you have heard or seen these full-color spectrum LEDs on your friends and neighbors’ homes, it is likely that we put them there! As the original provider of this product in Austin, our outdoor lighting contractors have the most experience and the best track record for fulfilling your lighting needs, whether for Christmas, landscaping, nightly architectural accents, sporting events, or entertainment. Because they are so adaptable, our lighting system can accommodate any type of event at a moment’s notice without putting in any additional labor to do so—all with the push of a button on your smartphone.

    In addition to their customization abilities, these lights are also incredibly efficient. Running on premium LED bulbs and rated for 50K hours, you will get many, many years (between 10 and 20, depending on usage) before requiring replacement. The low-energy nature of LEDs can even help you save money on your monthly electric bill—without sacrificing the aesthetic you want.

    After the installation, we offer a client portal that takes the worry out of contacting us. With this platform, we can help you troubleshoot technical errors, answer pressing questions, and eliminate the hassle of requesting additional service—not that you’ll need much assistance with these long-lasting LED lights.

    So don’t hesitate to buy the holiday and home architectural lighting you’ve always dreamed of having. Astoria Lighting is your go-to exterior lighting company in Austin, Texas. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and do what it takes to get there. Request a free quote below to learn exactly how our residential and commercial outdoor lights can transform your home and show it off for all the neighbors to envy. We appreciate your business!